Saturday, September 08, 2007

1st Thesis Group Meeting 07-09-07

First meeting with Joe's group. We're a large group (14 people) with a lot of ideas between us.
We all presented our ideas briefly, and got some ideas, mainly off of Joe. This is what I got:
*Interface = any point of contact
*check out : "phenomenological"
*Stuart Hall
*Harvard researchers studying animal languages
*and English guy that claimed parrots can speak a language, not just a mimic
*Paul Ryan
*Ratzburger - body language
*Films to watch:
-"strange days"
-"until the end of the world" (Vim Vanders)
-"remediation" (Baruchin?)

Interesting things other people got:
- basecamp- calender utility (from wired)
- ong's hat



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